Conditions Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Repair service

The repair service includes all work related to performing corrective maintenance (repair) on Raditeq products sent by the customer to Raditeq. This service includes labor (hours) and the replacement or repair of defective parts and materials. Repairs are carried out exclusively by a Raditeq authorized service center.

Firmware updates

Any firmware update that will improve or extend the functionality of product from Raditeq is covered under the ‘Basic’ service level of this service agreement. A new firmware version will only be installed after approval of the customer.


Excluded from this SLA are defects in products that are caused by molestation/neglect, improper use and/or use outside its specified range as well as defects on fiber optic cables, like broken, dirty and/or damaged fiber cables. Further exclusions are any products that have been installed and/or maintained incorrectly as well as products that have been modified without permission of Raditeq. In either of these cases the cost of repairing the product will be charged separately.


Customer must arrange and pay for inbound shipping charges and all applicable import duties and taxes. After the repair service, Raditeq will arrange and reimburse the costs of the return shipment with the help of a carrier of your choice. If desired by the customer, Raditeq can also arrange and cover the incoming shipment via our courier of choice. This must be selected on the RMA request form. All related shipping costs will be charged to the customer’s account at actual costs.

Turnaround time

The estimated (maximum) turnaround time for the repair service is ten (10) working days calculated from the date of receipt of the product at the premises of Raditeq.

Loan replacement instrument

Under the “Full” service of this agreement, Raditeq offers a loan replacement tool in case the repair exceeds the maximum lead time of 10 working days. This loan unit is a similar instrument or, if not available, an equivalent and will be provided on a temporary basis until the repair is completed. Raditeq arranges the transport of the loaner instrument. The transport costs are charged to the customer on the basis of the actual costs.


The “Basic” service of this agreement includes Raditeq repair service.
The “Extra” service also covers the recalibration of the instrument after the repair, in case this calibration is required to verify the quality of the repair.
The “full” service also includes the annual recalibration of the product. All calibrations are ISO / IEC 17025 accredited based on DARE’s standard service codes !! Calibrations and are performed at DARE!! Services B.V accredited calibration laboratories.


This service agreement has an intended term of ten (10) years, but can be terminated in writing by the customer or Raditeq at the end of each contract year. This agreement is automatically continued at the end of the contract year for a period of one year, if not canceled by either party.