RadiMation Webinar #3 – Report Generator Basics


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Start:Jul 6th 2022
Location:MS Teams

RadiMation® Report Generation Basics

RadiMation has a very powerful automated report generator module which can create detailed reports of your EMC tests in a convenient and highly customizable manner. Although this feature can be massively time saving it can be tricky to setup your first automated report and make use of all its advantages. Therefore Roel Gerrits will show you in this webinar how to use the basics of the report generator function in RadiMation.

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RadiMation® Free software provides the user several different functionalities, like creating new EUT and/or TSF (test) files, opening and viewing actual EMC test data, control individual instruments with graphical presentation of measurement data (graph or analog meter and printing or exporting test data into other Microsoft® applications. RadiMation® Free supports all Raditeq instruments and currently has more than 4500 device drivers for different brands of EMC test and measurement instrumentation.