MIL standard testing in the defence industry

EMC is a complex topic in any industry, but it is arguably the most important in the military sector. Hostile environments do not consider CE marking or FCC rules when it comes to electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, military equipment, devices or vehicles must have a very high immunity to the sometimes unknown environments. In addition to immunity, the military has strong communication and radar detection standards necessary for operations in a combat or hostile environment. Finally, the military must also calibrate (collimate) and verify their electronic equipment.

Raditeq offers the measuring tools to do just that!


Raditeq EMC Measurement Products
Total and Turnkey Solutions

Defense EMC measurement products

Raditeq is capable to offer high standard solutions to difficult EMC problems and challenges. Those challenges are even tougher in harsh conditions which can happen at military activities. With dedicated engineers and a strong team Raditeq can give you a turnkey solutions on Radio Frequency, High Frequency, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Microwave and uWave challenges.

Dutch Royal Navy

On 26 March 2018 Raditeq (Previously, DARE!! Products) supplied 4 special designed remote controlled RF attenuators to the Royal Dutch Navy, Materials Support Division. This Attenuator has a control range of 50dB. These attenuators will be used for calibration purposes of RF systems on the ships. Each unit is consisting of six fully independent and isolated attenuation chains providing 50dB of attenuation control over the entire 0.5 to 18 GHz band. The systems have one common input and six individual outputs.