Raditeq Development Projects

EMC testing for laboratory equipment

There are specific international standards for EMC measurements for Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM). These include standards such as the CISPR 11 and the European EN 55011 for emissions.

Most laboratory equipment must be tested according to these EMC standards and regulations. To be able to perform these measurements and tests according to these standards, the correct instruments are required. The instruments must fully comply with the (basic) standards that describe the requirements for the measurement setup.

Raditeq offers fully compliant instruments to perform the relevant EMC tests accurately, automatically and efficiently.


Raditeq EMC Measurement Products

The RadiPower® Series is used in the XFEL linear particle accelerator! See what the RadiPower® series can do for you!

Laboratory and physics

Total solutions

Raditeq offers turnkey and total solutions to your laboratory and physics challenges. We will try to find a solution and offer if with a dedicated group of engineers specialized in solving complex questions surrounding fundamental engineering problems. With more than 20 years of experience Raditeq is the company for your problem solutions!


“After some iterations of the hard- and software as well as many tests at DESY, we have ordered and received 150 RadiPower® RF power measurement devices (RPR2006P) for all the DESY module test stands. We would like to thank the company Raditeq (DARE!!) and all their personnel for the fruitful and professional collaboration.”