Automated EMC/RF Freeware

RadiMation® Free

RadiMation® Free software provides the user several different functionalities, like creating new EUT and/or TSF (test) files, opening and viewing actual EMC test data, control individual instruments with graphical presentation of measurement data (graph or analog meter and printing or exporting test data into other Microsoft® applications. RadiMation® Free supports all Raditeq instruments and currently has more than 4500 device drivers for different brands of EMC test and measurement instrumentation.

RadiMation® Free doesn’t require a USB license. If RadiMation® is started without a USB dongle, it will open in so called ‘View mode’ providing functionality as described. The software can be downloaded freely from the Raditeq website, so try to and use it!

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RadiMation® is available in three different varieties, each offering a different range of functionalities. RadiMation® Free giving access to  the least software aspects like existing files and other viewing types of functions. The RadiMation® PRO version is offering you full access to the full range of the powerful capabilities of RadiMation®

FeaturesRadimation® freeRadimation®Radimation® Pro
Control individual instruments
Create / open / modify EUT files
Create / open / modify TSF files
Print or export test data (graph/table)
Multi-language user interface
User definable limit lines
Customizable graph lines
Run EMC emission / immunity test (generic EMC standards)
Run EMC emission/immunity test (Automotive, MilStd, DO-160 standards)
GTEM emission/immunity test (1 EUT orientation)1 x EUT orientation3 x EUT orientations
Maximum band for multiband emission/immunity3 bands100 bands
Automatic peak detection and final measurement
Unlimited number of EUT monitoring channels
User definable change order testing
Attenuation / gain calibration measurements
Ambient suppression
Polar- and height plot of emission measurements
Support 3th party video monitoring systems
Sequence testing
Maximum frequency for calibration and or testing6 GHz120 GHz
Supports for EUT controllers
GTEM emission/immunity test (3 EUT orientations, OATS correlation)
Support automatic report generator
Control antenna tower/turntable
Control RF switch matrix systems

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