RadiCentre® Series

Modular Test Systems

The RadiCentre® Modular Test System is a highly versatile and modular EMC/RF test system that can accommodate up to eight plug-in cards for multiple tests and applications. This advanced technology is primarily used for EMC, RF, microwave, and telecom applications, making it a multi-functional and flexible framework that can facilitate a wide range of testing needs. With the RadiCentre® and its plug-in cards, you can be assured of accurate and reliable results, as well as the flexibility to customize to specific testing requirements. Whether you’re testing for compliance or performance, the RadiCentre® is the ultimate solution for all your testing needs.

RadiCentre® Models overview

Product NameUseable SlotsCommunication portsDisplayGet Quote
RadiCentre® PRO - CTR2008A 8 Slots LAN (1 GBit)No Display
RadiCentre® PRO - CTR1009B#020 7 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® PRO - CTR1009B7 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® CTR1004B#0202 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® CTR1004B2 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® CTR1001S1 SlotUSB
No Display

Modular Test System

The RadiCentre® offers four slots of which two are available for plug-in cards. The RadiCentre® Pro is therefore more suitable for multiple applications. 

The RadiCentre® Pro offers nine slots of which seven are available for plug-in cards, this making the RadiCentre® Pro the most flexible and versatile in this product range.

RadiCentre® Slim, the single slot modular test system is the most affordable version of the RadiCentre® series and offers a single slot for stand-alone applications.

Modular Test System - Flexible

The RadiCentre® EMC test system offers fully automated EMC testing for small and large measuring systems, with the flexibility to choose from one, two, seven or eight versatile slots. Each slot can be individually configured to meet the specific requirements of the user, and the various plug-in cards available can be combined as needed to achieve any functionality combination. This advanced technology provides a reliable and efficient solution for automated EMC testing, offering superior performance and accuracy. With the RadiCentre® EMC test system, you can optimize your testing processes and achieve consistent, reliable results.

Easy to use

The EMC test system is designed to be a “Plug and Play” solution, where each board is automatically recognized, initialized, and ready for use without any manual intervention. With this advanced technology, users can easily configure and control the system using a clear and user-friendly colour TFT touch screen. The system offers a streamlined and efficient solution for EMC testing, with the ability to achieve accurate and reliable results quickly and easily. The intuitive user interface of the EMC test system makes it simple to operate, even for those with limited technical expertise, ensuring that testing can be carried out effectively and efficiently.


The RadiCentre® EMC test system is expandable with a wide array of plug-in cards. The following Raditeq products are compatible with RadiCentre®:


    LASER powered EM field sensors from 10 kHz to 40 GHz


    EMC RF signal generators from 4 kHz to 6 GHz


    RF (CW / Burst/RMS) power meter for EMC applications


    two/four channels to switch up to 67 GHz and 700W


    Unique cost-effective field generator

    Software support

    The RadiCentre® modular test system is designed to be software-operated, with a range of connectivity options including RS-232, USB, LAN, and IEEE-488. The system is compatible with all EMC measurement packages, with software codes available to control the unit. To fully utilize the advanced functionalities of the RadiCentre®, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with RadiMation. This powerful combination allows for efficient and accurate EMC testing, with seamless integration and control of the RadiCentre® through the RadiMation software platform. With this advanced technology, users can achieve reliable and consistent results, while also streamlining the testing process for maximum efficiency.

    Space effective

    In contrast to traditional controllers, EMC probes, switches and other equipment that typically restrict operators to using one or more units in a 19-inch cabinet for a single device, the RadiCentre® modular test system offers the ability to combine up to seven devices in just three units within the same cabinet. This innovative system is available in both a desktop and 19-inch rack mountable version, and all connected devices are powered by the singular RadiCentre® modular system, eliminating the need for separate power supplies. This efficient design not only saves space, but also enhances the flexibility and functionality of EMC testing.

    RadiCentre® automated setups

    In order to conduct fully automated EMC testing, complex installations with multiple measuring instruments and devices must be controlled automatically. The RadiCentre® serves as the centralized control system, allowing for efficient and effortless control of the entire modular test system. This advanced technology enables the control of one or two instruments or more complex installations with multiple EMC measuring instruments connected, including turntables and antennas. To fully maximize the RadiCentre®’s potential, it is recommended to utilize it in conjunction with the Radimation® software, which functions as the brain of the system, providing engineers with a comprehensive and efficient testing solution.