Modular Test System

RadiCentre® Series

The RadiCentre® is intended to be the ultimate flexible and modular EMC/RF test system. With up to 7 plug-in cards, the RadiCentre® can be used for multiple tests and applications. Mostly used for, EMC | RF | Microwave and telecom application, the RadiCentre® is multifunctional and flexible in order to meet all your needs.

RadiCentre® Models overview

Product NameUseable SlotsCommunication portsDisplayGet Quote
RadiCentre® PRO - CTR1009B#020 7 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® PRO - CTR1009B7 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® CTR1004B#0202 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® CTR1004B2 SlotsUSB (B)
7'' (inch) Touch Screen
RadiCentre® CTR1001S1 SlotUSB
No Display

The RadiCentre® offers four slots of which two are available for plug-in cards. The RadiCentre® Pro is therefore more suitable for multiple applications. 

The RadiCentre® Pro offers nine slots of which seven are available for plug-in cards, this making the RadiCentre® Pro the most flexible and versatile in this product range.

RadiCentre® Slim, the single slot modular test system is the most affordable version of the RadiCentre® series and offers a single slot for stand-alone applications.


To enable fully automated EMC testing for small and large measuring systems the RadiCentre® EMC test system provides either one, two or seven versatile slots. Each slot can be individually configured according to the user’s wishes. The various plug-in cards available can be combined as required, allowing for any functionality combination.

Easy to use

The EMC test system is defined as “Plug and Play”, which means that every board is automatically recognized, initialized and ready for use instantly. The user can configure and control the system by means of a clear and easy to use colour TFT touch screen (RadiCentre® Pro and RadiCentre).


The RadiCentre® EMC test system is expandable with a wide array of plug-in cards. The following Raditeq products are compatible with RadiCentre®:


    LASER powered EM field sensors from 10 kHz to 40 GHz


    EMC RF signal generators from 4 kHz to 6 GHz


    RF (CW / Burst/RMS) power meter for EMC applications


    two/four channels to switch up to 67 GHz and 700W


    Coupling Decoupling Networks


    Unique cost-effective field generator

    Software support

    The RadiCentre® modular test system can be software operated through RS-232, USB, LAN and IEEE-488. The system can be controlled by all EMC measurement packages as all software codes for controlling the unit are available. In order to fully exploit the RadiCentre’s® functionalities it is advised to utilize it together with RadiMation

    Space effective

    Conventional controllers, EMC probes, switches and other equipment normally limit the operator to utilize one or more units in a 19-inch cabinet for one single device. The RadiCentre® modular test system allows up to seven devices to be combined in just three units in the same cabinet. RadiCentre® is available in both a desktop and a 19-inch rack mountable version. All attached devices are powered by the singular RadiCentre® modular system, unlike conventional equipment, which all have their own power supply.


    Linux based & software upgrades

    The EMC system is based on Linux and therefore offers great stability and fast start-up times. Since all embedded software is stored in flash, it is very easy to upgrade the system with new versions, protecting the initial investment.

      RadiCentre® automated setups

      EMC test systems vary from a simple setups with one or two instruments, to complex installations with many EMC measuring instruments connected, even requiring a turntable and an antenna. In order to enable fully automated EMC testing, these devices and measuring instruments must be controlled automatically. The RadiCentre® functions as the heart of the system enabling centralized control of the collective system. Subsequently Radimation® software functions as the brain of the entire modular test system allowing the engineer to run tests efficiently and effortlessly.