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RF Optical Link

The Radilink® RF optical link system is a state-of-the-art technology that aims to solve the difficulties encountered during automotive measurements according to CISPR 25. These measurements involve detecting the disturbing signals received on the vehicles’ on-board antennas. Usually, the vehicle is placed in a shielded room, and the measurement receiver is located in a control room. However, using a coaxial RF cable to connect the receiving antenna(s) to the measurement receiver can result in high cable losses at higher frequencies and metallic cables causing common mode currents to flow over the cable, leading to undesired measurement errors. To solve these issues, the RadiLink® RF optical link system utilizes a battery-powered analog fiber optic connection between the antenna and EMI receiver. With this technology, measurements can be performed completely galvanically isolated, eliminating any potential measurement errors.

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RF Optical Link - RadiLink®

Eight Channel RF Optical Link

The RadiLink RF optical link system has two parts. The first part is the RadiLink model RLK3016C RX plug-in card, positioned in the control room near the EMI receiver. The second part is the RadiLink model RLK3086R 8-channel remote unit, placed in the vehicle. An integrated RF-switch allows for automatic selection of up to 8 different measurement antennas in the car with a single RadiLink unit.

Integrated Phantom supply

The RadiLink can configure each RF input to deliver phantom power supply to feed active antennas. The phantom supply power is delivered by the replaceable battery pack of the RadiLink. The output voltage can be software configured between 5V and 12VDC for each channel independently. Each channel can deliver up to 200mA supply current, covering virtually any need. Alternatively, the phantom supply for each channel can also be connected externally.

High Dynamic Range

Other fiber optic link systems fall short in dynamic range for CISPR
25 EMI applications. RadiLink® offers a broad dynamic range to measure
strong RF signals, with an unprecedented 170 dB dynamic range of the
RadiLink® RF Optical Link. The RadiLink®’s low noise figure combines
with high dynamic range to enhance measurement receiver sensitivity,
resulting in accurate and precise signal detection.

RadiLink® is essential in automotive measurements with frequent
exposure to various interference sources. It provides reliable and
accurate measurement solutions, significantly improving the efficiency
and quality of automotive EMI testing. Engineers and technicians rely on
RadiLink® as a crucial tool for precise measurement and analysis of
electromagnetic interference in vehicles.

CISPR 25 - Compliant

The RadiLink® RF Optical Link complies with the CISPR25 standard paragraph 5. It can measure emissions received by an antenna on the same vehicle. The frequency range of the RadiLink® RF Optical Link is 9 kHz to 6 GHz. It covers different antenna signals, including AM/FM/TV broadcast services, digital broadcast, and mobile services. The AM/FM/TV broadcast services range from 150 kHz to 944 MHz. The digital broadcast range is from 167 MHz to 2.345 GHz. The mobile services range is from 26 MHz to 5.925 GHz.

Replacable Battery Packs

The RadiLink® has an exchangeable Li-Ion battery pack (model RLK3004B), which is rechargeable using the standard supplied external charger. The battery pack enables the RadiLink® to operate for up to 4 hours. Moreover, it is possible to order an additional battery pack for easy replacement and continued battery operation.

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Compact and Strong!

The RadiLink® RF Optical Link comes in a ruggedized aluminum enclosure that is only 175 mm x 83 mm x 47.5 mm (LxWxH) in size. This makes it effortless to mount and connect to the antenna measurement setup inside a vehicle.