RMA - Conditional Form

RMA Remarks


  1.  The submission of this RMA request will be handled as an order.
  2. Allow approximately 15 working days turn around time after receipt of instrument. When repair is ordered including calibration, the turnaround time can be longer. This is because the calibration is performed at an external lab.
  3.  If applicable, it is strongly recommended that all fibre optic cables (e.g. extension cables) are included in the shipment of the RMA.
  4.  All prices are listed in Euros and do not include VAT.
  5. For products that are shipped under a warranty RMA, but are found to work normally and within specifications, we charge a €150,00 investigation fee.
  6. The fixed repair prices mentioned are only applicable for a single defect. Products having multiple defects, or defects caused by improper usage, are not covered under this fixed repair price.
  7. Products sent to Raditeq for repair without an RMA number will not be processed until an RMA form has been submitted and will have a longer turnaround time.
  8. Note that calibration is only possible in combination with fixed price repair or a check and test.


The customer/reseller will need to arrange shipping and cover the transportation costs. On a standard repair this includes shipment to Raditeq and return shipment.

For warranty repairs, Raditeq will arrange and cover the return shipment.

The product to be repaired must be properly sealed and packaged and sent to Raditeq preferably in the original packaging. Raditeq is not responsible for transit and transport damage to the product. If the product arrives damaged due to improper packaging and / or transport, the fixed repair price offer is no longer valid.

Before requesting a RadiSense® RMA please verify the suggestions below:


  • Did you clean the fibers? Please refer to the manual for cleaning instructions.
  • Do you use the original fibers supplied by Raditeq?
  • Do you use the RadiSense without extension fiber? If yes: try with an extension fiber.
  • If available, try the probe with another LPS card or try the LPS card with another probe.


If you're experiencing unstable readings, check the following:

  • Which filter have you selected? When measuring low field strengths, selecting a higher filter setting will result in a more stable reading.
  • It may also help to turn off amplifiers if they introduce noise.


If you're experiencing incorrect measurement values, check the following:

  • Please make sure the “Zero” command has been executed correctly. Always execute a zero command without field present.
  • Please verify is user corrections are correct and switched on if needed.
  • Is the frequency set to the applied frequency?

Before requesting an RadiCentre® RMA please verify the suggestions below:


  • Has the display been calibrated? Refer to the manual for instructions.

Before requesting an RadiPower® RMA please verify the suggestions below:


  • Is the frequency set to the applied frequency?
  • RPR2006C and RPR2006P: Is the VBW setting set to 1kHz for frequencies below 100kHz?

Before requesting an RadiGen® RMA please verify the suggestions below:


  • Is the reference source set correctly to internal/external?

Before requesting an RadiSwitch® RMA please verify the suggestions below:


  • Is the interlock on the RSW closed? If not, please close the interlock switch.

Before requesting an RadiField® RMA please verify the suggestions below:


  • Check the connections of the coaxial cable between the RadiField and the RadiField plugin card. Is the coaxial cable (frequency response) still in good condition (intact)?
  • Is the signal generator, which is connected to the RadiField, working properly?
  • Is the external mains supply cable connected to the PSU plug-in card?
  • Is the external power supply turned on?
  • If you encounter polarizer issues: Recalibrate the polarizer via the RadiCentre screen.

What falls under a probe check and test


  • Verify frequency response / linearity (all three axes).
  • Visual inspection of probe + fibres.
  • If needed, cleaning of fibres.
  • If missing, mount fibre protection caps.


Find the firmware version of the device on the touch screen of the RadiCentre® by pressing info and then the appropriate slot number.


Please note that our warranty conditions apply to all Raditeq products. Also refer to the End of Life guide to see which products are still supported and/or discontinued for service. – End of Life documentation.