RMA form

RMA form

Return Material Authorization

If you have any problems/defect with Raditeq equipment, we offer a fixed price repair service. Please fill out the Return Material Authorization (RMA) order form below. Upon receipt of this form, we will confirm your request and provide you with an RMA number and further instructions.

The fixed repair prices mentioned are only applicable for single defects. Products having multiple defects, or defects caused by improper usage, are not covered under this fixed repair price.

Products sent to Raditeq for repair without an RMA number will not be processed until an RMA form has been completed and will have a longer turnaround time.

It is possible to order calibration. Note that calibration is only possible if a minimum of a check and test is added to the order.

REMARK: The customer will need to arrange shipping and cover for the costs (like e.g. transportation costs, duties, taxes) for sending the defect product the service department of Raditeq in The Netherlands and for the return shipment after repair. For warranty repairs, Raditeq will arrange the courier and cover for the costs for the return shipment after repair.

The product to be repaired must be properly sealed and packaged and sent to Raditeq preferably in the original packaging. Raditeq is not responsible for transit and transport damage to the product. If the product arrives damaged due to improper packaging and / or transport, the fixed repair price offer is no longer valid.

Please note that our warranty conditions apply to all Raditeq products. Also refer to the End of Life guide to see which products are still supported and/or discontinued for service. – End of Life documentation.

Older Products

From the 16th of November 2020 DARE!! Products has become Raditeq All equipment, previously sold under the DARE!! Products brand name are still serviced by Raditeq.

What falls under Probe Check and test

  • Verify frequency response / linearity (all three axes).
  • Visual inspection of probe + fibres.
  • If needed, cleaning of fibres.
  • If missing, mount fibre protection caps.


  1. The submission of this RMA request will be handled as an order.
  2. Allow 15 working days turn around time after receipt of instrument. When calibration is ordered Return time will be carried out to our best effort. This is due to calibration being performed externally.
  3.  If applicable, it is strongly recommended that all fiber optic cables are shipped with the unit.
  4.  All prices are in Euro excluding VAT and transportation costs.
  5.  General terms and conditions of Raditeq Instruments apply.
  6. For products that are shipped with a warranty RMA, but are found to work normally and within specifications, we charge a euro 150 investigation fee.