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What can you do with this RadiMation download?

If you Fill in the RadiMation® Download Form you will be sent a download code which you will be able to use to download RadiMation Free.

When you download RadiMation® you get RadiMation® free. This means you can use the program as much as you want and as long as you want, but you cannot perform tests. RadiMation® free is used for existing test results which can be opened with it.

If you want to make use of all the advantages of RadiMation you will either need to get a free 30 – day Trial or have to buy the software.

RadiMation: Modular Test Software

RadiMation® is an integrated EMC test software which combines Immunity & Emission testing with conducting Radiated & Conducted tests.

You can buy a full package or only the modules you need specific to your measurement specifications.

RadiMation® is not limited to Raditeq Products but is open software and offers device drivers for any type of EMC instrument at no extra cost. The Software is modular set which means you can buy separate modules.