Modular Test System

RadiField® Series

The RadiField® series offers a variety of Electric Field Generators. These Generators are composed of integrated amplifiers, antennae, directional couplers and power meters in one compact instrument. Due to the use of an array of antennae combiners are no longer needed. This innovation of the RadiField® results in a very efficient field generator which increases efficiency up to three times compared to conventional antenna – amplifier setups. 

RadiField® models overview

Product NameFrequency RangeTest LevelsStandardApplicationsGet Quote
RadiField® RFS2018B6 GHz - 18 GHzMax 75 V/m @ 1m
Max 54 V/m @ 2m
max 36 V/m @ 3m
EN61000-4-3RI/RS Testing
RadiField® RFS2006B800 MHz - 6 GHzMax 54 V/m @ 1m
Max 36 V/m @ 2m
max 18 V/m @ 3m
EN61000-4-3RI/RS Testing
RadiField® RFS2006A800 MHz - 6 GHzMax 28 V/m @ 1m
Max 15 V/m @ 2m
max 5 V/m @ 3m
EN61000-4-3RI/RS Testing

Conventional Testing

Conventional immunity testing setups involve an amplifier including a combiner, coupler, two RF power meters, and interconnect cables. The efficiency of such an arrangement is low due to power loss in the combiner and internal and external cabling.

High level integration

By integrating all these components into one instrument, all these unwanted power losses are practically leveled. The single cable, running from the RadiCentre® to the RadiField®, is used to power the unit with an RF signal, to power the unit, and to provide bidirectional communication with the unit. The low power RF signal is also transmitted through this cable. The power loss of the RF signal through the coaxial cable is easily overcome by an internal amplifier.

Broad Range

The RadiField® Triple A approach covers frequencies ranging from 80 MHz to 12 GHz and achieves homogeneous fields up to 600 V/m! Another benefit is the ability to upgrade your system to higher field levels.

Antenna mast & H/V positioner

RF signal, power and control signals go all over a standard coaxial cable allowing the unit to be easily transported to different locations in the laboratory.

RadiCentre® integration

The RadiField® Triple A is easy to integrate with the modular RadiCentre®. This mainframe contains the RadiSupply® that feeds the RadiField® via a standard coaxial cable that also carries the RF and controller signals. The RF signal can be generated by an external RF signal generator or by an integrated RadiGen® EMC signal generator.

RadiField® 6

Generates a field from 800 MHz to 6 GHz and is capable of generating a 54 V/m  electric field at a three-meter distance.

RadiField® 18

Field generation from 6 GHz to 18 GHz and capable of generating an electric field of 75 V/m.

Active Antenna Array​

At the same time, the RadiField® uses the field combination technology of an Active Antenna Array. Integrated amplifiers are connected directly to the same number of integrated antennas, eliminating the need for a discrete combiner. Through this approach, no power is lost between the amplifier, antenna and combiner. Instead of combining power, the field is combined.

Low Cost of Ownership

The new RadiField® Triple A is not only cost effective because of the much lower initial price, but also because of its easy installation and lower power consumption. It also reduces mechanical wear and tear on cables and connectors and, more importantly, lowers calibration costs. All these aspects result in a much lower cost of ownership of your immunity system. Additionally, the integrated system is less prone to errors.

Ease of use

An optional antenna mast with H/V positioner is powered and controlled over the same coaxial cable.

Fully Compliant

Although the approach is revolutionary, it still fully complies with international EMC immunity standards. These standards exactly prescribe aspects such as frequency, field strength and homogeneity which is exactly what the RadiField® Triple A adheres to.