RadiCentre® Ultra 8-Slot modular Test System

RadiCentre® Ultra
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The RadiCentre® Ultra 8-Slot modular system

The need for efficient and accurate electromagnetic (EM) testing has never been greater, and the development of innovative technologies like the RadiCentre® Ultra has revolutionized the way testing is conducted. This advanced device is designed to combine up to 8 different devices or 8 of the same device, such as the RadiSense electric field probe, into a single unit, making it ideal for complex electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and difficult coaxial switching applications. In this article, we will delve into the features and capabilities of the RadiCentre® Ultra, and explore its potential uses in the field of EM testing, with a particular focus on its ability to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of reverberation EMC testing. We will also examine how this advanced technology can help ensure regulatory compliance and improve the safety and reliability of modern devices and communication systems.