EMC & RF measurements of Telecom & Information Technology equipment

There are specific international standards for EMC & RF measurements for telecom equipment such as the CISPR 22 and the European EN 55022 for emissions and various subs of the IEC EN 61000-4, as well as the European EN 55024 for immunity. Most telecom and information technology equipment must be tested according to these EMC standards and regulations. To be able to measure and test according to these standards, the right instruments are needed. The instruments must fully comply with the (basic) standards that describe the requirements for the measurement setup. Raditeq offers fully compliant instruments to perform the relevant EMC tests accurately, automatically and efficiently.



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RadiPower RPR3006W integrated into TÜV Rheinland RF-CTE system

‘Our supplier Raditeq, for high-quality RF components design, has a future-orientated product assortment in order to meet individual requirements according international standards like ETSI, with a high degree of capability and technology know how on their power sensors RPR3006W, which we are using on our own developed TUVR-CTE conducted conformance RF system. With our future-orientated technology and strategic plan to setup excellence Wireless/IoT labs worldwide and with Raditeq we decisively strengthen our competitiveness and we see this as a further essential step on the way to establishing ourselves as the leading for wireless technology to have our own development RF systems as service provider with Raditeq products”.


Mr. Bircan Taslica, Global Head of Technical Process Optimization –  IoT Wireless BS Products of TÜV Rheinland