T&M instruments for Automotive EMC testing

The automotive industry is very strict regarding EMC requirements. Therefore, specific test and measurement equipment is required to comply with automotive standards. These standards include both CISPR 25 for emissions testing as well as ISO 11452.

Automotive is a sector with a particularly complex EMC environment. A modern car consists of many different subsystems that use many transmitters, receivers and sensors.

At the same time, the consequences of non-compliance can be enormous calling bank non-compliant products can be extremely costly. The automotive sector is also more than any other international company. That is why the UN has drawn up specific rules for the automotive sector. This regulation includes R10 for regular vehicles and R100 for electric vehicles. The car manufacturers are placing even higher demands on Electronic Sub Units (ESU). Immunity levels can be as high as 600 V / m!

Like the aerospace industry, the automotive industry often uses reverberation or mode reverberation chambers that require specific EMC measuring instruments.

Raditeq provides the fully compliant test and measurement instruments for EMC testing in the Automotive industry.




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Automotive Solutions

When creating a complex vehicle one needs to also worry about the ever complex growing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The automotive community know that the EM radiation can have serious effects on their vehicles and can cause minor to severe problems. In the event of a difficult problem Raditeq can offer turnkey and total solutions to your automotive EMC Challenges.

With the dedicated engineers of Raditeq, specialized in EMC no problem is large enough not to overcome. You name it, we’ll make it!


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Drive and know, that your car was tested by the most accurate EMC test and Measurement equipment there is!