RadiCentre® Pro | 7 Slots

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CTR1009B Seven Slot Modular EMC Test System

The most powerful modular test system within the RadiCentre® series. With seven available slots for Raditeq plug-in cards the RadiCentre® can be used to make complex and highly integrated EMC systems. In combination with RadiMation® the EMC engineer can create a fully automated EMC setup and effortlessly perform EMC tests and measurements.

  • Number of Slots       : 7
  • Model type                : Desktop or 19″ rack mountable
  • Interface                    : USB and LAN
  • Cables inputs            : USB cable, IEC power cord
  • Interlock system      : 6,35mm jack plug connection to safety system disables Interlock & Interlocked laser outputs when triggered.

For further technical specifications, please refer to datasheet

Standard delivered including
  • RadiCentre Pro Including:
    • PRO2001A – ARM Processor plug-in card – USB | LAN
    • PSU1250A – Power supply plug-in card – 250W
  • IEC Power cord
  • USB Connection Cable
    Upgrade options

    All Raditeq Plug-in Cards, some examples:

    • RadiSense    The LASER powered range of EM Field Sensors (range up to 40GHz)
    • RadiField     Integrated EMC Immunity Test Solution 1 to 18 GHz
    • RadiPower   The range of power meters up to 18 GHz for EMC applications
    • RadiGen       The range of RF signal generators up to 6 GHz for EMC applications
    • RadiSwitch  To switch one, two, four or six RF signals up to 40 GHz

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