Signal Generators

RadiGen® Series

The RadiGen® is a series of EMC/RF signal generators designated for EMC | RF and Microwave measurements. These signal generators are fast, easy to use and flexible. The RadiGen® plug-in cards occupy one slot of the RadiCentre®.

RadiGen® models overview


The RadiGen® plug-in card, model RGN2400A has a frequency range of 4 kHz to 400 MHz and is optimized for conducted immunity systems. The RadiGen® model RGN2006B covers a frequency range from 4 kHz to 6 GHz, so it can also be used for radiated immunity tests such as the IEC61000-4-3 / -6, MilStd. 461 and ISO11451-2 / -4.

Accurate, fast and pure

The RadiGen® has a frequency error of ± 10 ppm and the RF carrier signal is applied to the output in less than 1 ms, with no unwanted interference at the output. All these figures and facts make it the perfect signal generator for EMC immunity testing.

CW, AM, FM and Pulse modulation

The RadiGen® generators have an internal modulator for AM and FM modulation from 1 Hz to 100 kHz. For pulse modulation, the pulse modulation on/off times can be independently set between 200 ns and 100 s with a resolution of 100 ns, allowing for any pulse pattern to be created (including gated pulse) as required by automotive standards, such as Ford RI-114 Radar Pulse testing.

10 MHz reference input/output

The RadiGen® has an internal reference clock of 10 MHz which is available as a BNC output connector for frequency synchronization of other T&M devices. In addition, it has an external reference input for a connection to an external reference clock.

RadiGen® Signal Generators

An important part of an EMC immunity testing system is the RF signal generator, which provides the RF signal at a certain frequency with different types of modulation. This RF signal must be generated fast, accurate and without unwanted glitches or overshoot. The RadiGen® range of EMC / RF signal generators is the perfect solution for EMC applications.