Switch Cards

RadiSwitch® Series

EMC and RF test setups often consist of many signal paths. In order to enable automated testing, it should be possible to switch these signal paths in an automated manner. The series of RadiSwitch® plug-in cards in combination with a RadiCentre® test system do just that.

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RadiSwitch® models overview

The RadiSwitch® Range

ModelRelayConnectorMax. Frequency
RSW1021N1 x SPDTN-type12.4 GHz
RSW1061S1 x SP6TSMA18 GHz
RSW1062S2 x SP6TSMA18 GHz
RSW1022K2 x SPDT2.92 mm | K-type40 GHz
RSW1024K4 x SPDT2.92 mm | K-type40 GHz
RSW1061K1 x SP6T2.92 mm | K-type40 GHz
RSW1062K2 x SP6T2.92 mm | K-type40 GHz
RSW1022Q2 x SPDT2.4 mm | Q-type50 GHz
RSW1024Q4 x SPDT2.4 mm | Q-type50 GHz
RSW1061Q1 x SP6T2.4 mm | Q-type50 GHz
RSW1062Q2 x SP6T2.4 mm | Q-type50 GHz
RSW1022V2x SPDT1.85 mm | V-type67 GHz
RSW1024V4x SPDT1.85 mm | V-type67 GHz
RSW2002E2 x external8-way terminal blockExternal relay dependant


The RadiSwitch® RF coaxial relay plug-in cards can switch RF signals from DC to 67 GHz and with a maximum switching capacity of up to 700 Watt. To switch RF power levels above 700 W, an external relay can be remotely controlled via a RadiSwitch plug-in card. RadiSwitch® plug-in cards are available in several versions, with one, two or four SPDT (single pole double throw) coaxial relays or SP6T (single pole six throw) coaxial relays. These versions are available in 18 GHz (SMA type), 40 GHz (k type),  50 GHz (Q type) and 67GHz (V type) models. In addition, plug-in cards with BNC-type (3 GHz) or N-type (12.4 GHz) connectors are available. Any combination and quantity of plug-in cards is allowed in the RadiCentre®, making the system one of the most flexible switching systems in the world.


Hardware interlock

The first relay of the RadiSwitch® plug-in card can be defined as a standard relay or as a safety interlock relay. When used as a safety interlock, this relay can disable the RF input to the amplifier to prevent personnel from being exposed to high radiated RF fields. The RF interlock input can be connected to a switch on the access door of the test chamber.

External switching

Powerful RF amplifiers are often located in separate (shielded) rooms with suitable cooling facilities. To control the output of these amplifiers, a RadiSwitch plug-in card can be connected to an external switch box. The RSW2002E plug-in card has the drivers for controlling two external switches with a current of 500 mA per relay and has an internal power supply to power the relays of the 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 28 VDC type.


The RadiSwitch® plug-in cards occupy (depending on the type of relay) 1 or 2 slots of the RadiCentre® modular and multifunctional EMC system. The RadiCentre® is available in three different models; a single, double or seven slot version and is completely flexible and expandable. The RadiCentre® provides the main platform for most of Raditeq’s test and measurement products. Both the 2- and 7-slot versions offer a 7 “TFT ” touch screen for manual control and monitoring, but can also be controlled from a PC via USB, LAN or GPIB (optional). Finally, the RadiCentre® and RadiSwitch® can be controlled by RadiMation® EMC testing software or any other EMC testing software package using device commands.

RadiSwitch® RF Switch Matrixes

The RadiSwitch® series offers a range of RF switching plug-in cards for fully automated EMC testing. EMC test systems are often complex installations with many different test and measurement instruments. To enable fully automated testing, all measuring instruments and the connections between amplifiers, power meters, antennas and EMI receivers must be automatically selected. The RadiSwitch® is specially designed to switch RF signals between multiple instruments during EMC an RF measurements. The RadiSwitch® plug-in cards plug into a RadiCentre® modular test system, which is an associated part of the switchgear for all types of EMC and RF tests. The switching cards can easily be controlled automatically by an EMC test software package such as RadiMation®.


In an EMC or RF test situation, switching of RF signal paths often occurs. That’s why the RadiSwitch® uses highly reliable relays, with over a million switches (*). This means, with 24/7 continues use for 365 days a year while switching every minute, the RadiSwitch® cards will still last 2 years! In more regular situations (10 hours/day, 250 days a year and switching 10 times an hour) the RadiSwitch® will last 40 years.

(*) SMA 5 – 10 million cycles; K and W 2 million cycles

Easy to use & extendable

The system is “Plug and Play”, which means that every plug-in card is automatically recognized, initialized and ready to use. The user can configure and control the relay position of each individual RadiSwitch® plug-in card using the touch screen or using EMC testing software. Extensive switching applications can be achieved by using multiple RadiCentre® EMC systems.