Raditeq awarded with Silver Medal from EcoVadis

Raditeq awarded with Silver Medal from EcoVadis

Over the past three years Raditeq has taken proactive steps to enhance the sustainability of the company. These steps included embracing the challenge of integrating environmental and social responsibility into their standard operations. By doing this Raditeq B.V. has achieved a significant milestone by being awarded the silver medal from EcoVadis! This medal, symbolizing its position in the top 15% of businesses globally when it comes to People, Planet, and Ethical practices (Profit).


EcoVadis, a leading provider of sustainability ratings for global supply chains, evaluates companies across various industries. These ratings are based on the performance in the areas, environmental impact, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Raditeq B.V.’s achievement of the silver medal reflects its dedication to excellence and improvement in these critical domains.


Raditeq awarded with Silver Medal from EcoVadis

Raditeq B.V. excels in ensuring employee health and safety by prioritizing a safe work environment and implementing strict protocols. This fosters productivity and morale. Additionally, the company is praised for its people-centric policies, providing equal opportunities, and promoting diversity to foster creativity and collaboration among its teams.


Raditeq B.V. demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the planet, addressing environmental concerns through sustainable practices. The company takes measures to minimize its environmental footprint by optimizing material usage, promoting recycling initiatives, and reducing energy consumption. By embracing sustainable technologies and practices, Raditeq B.V. not only reduces its environmental impact but also sets a positive example for the industry.

As an example, Raditeq succeeded in reducing its electricity consumption by 10% from the 2019 level of 66 MWh per year, while reducing the use of fossil fuels (natural gas for heating) by 30%. This reduction includes implementing energy transition measures such as replacing gas with electricity. Additionally, employees are encouraged to use and charge their electric cars at Raditeq premises or travel to work by (electric) bike.

To achieve this goal, Raditeq has implemented several measures:

  • Implementing automated shutdown systems for energy-consuming devices such as ventilation, heating, and cooling
  • Replacing all TL/PL lighting with LED lighting in offices and meeting rooms
  • Reusing heat generated by amplifiers to further optimize energy usage.
  • Improving the insulation of all window glass

To further this goal, Raditeq will implement other measures such as extending the number and quality of solar panels. Through these initiatives, Raditeq aims to significantly reduce its electricity consumption while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Silver medal

The award of the silver medal from EcoVadis endorses Raditeq’s dedication to sustainability and corporate responsibility. It underscores the company’s approach to business, where economic success is harmonized with social progress and environmental stewardship.

Raditeq B.V. recognizes that sustainability is a fundamental ethos that guides its operations and shapes its legacy for future generations. By leading by example and prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of its operations, Raditeq B.V. sets a high standard for corporate citizenship. The company’s achievement serves as an inspiration for others to follow suit, driving positive change and creating a more sustainable future for all.

Journey to Gold and beyond!

In conclusion, Raditeq B.V.’s attainment of the silver medal from EcoVadis is a significant milestone that reaffirms its efforts as a global leader in sustainable business practices. But it doesn’t stop here, Raditeq B.V. will continue to improve for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow!