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 At the heart of Nichecom is an ISO registered laboratory that enables us to support not only the products we sell but also many third-party products for the test and measurement and communications markets.

 Initially, Nichecom was set up as a service organisation specializing in the technical support of high technologies and test and measurement equipment. This division is now known as Nichecom Laboratory Services and provides technical support to our other divisions as well as third party support such as repair and calibration of test and communications equipment.  1989 saw the formation of the sales division, with the primary focus being test and measurement sales.


The development of products

Service Nichecom

This division of Nichecom has now grown into three separate divisions, Test and Measurement, Communications, and Networks. Nichecom are now actively working as Systems Integrators combining the strengths of their leading suppliers to provide comprehensive Network and Communications Solutions.

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We have 100% confidence in Nichecom’s technical and service capabilities and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Ross Olifent (Director – Loop Technologies)