Reverberation Testing

Reverberation Testing What is it?

Reverberation testing is performed in an Reverberation chamber. These chambers, also known as a reverb chamber, or mode-stirred chamber, are used for electromagnetic compatibility testing and other electromagnetic studies. It’s a shielded room designed to minimize electromagnetic energy absorption, enabling high field strength with moderate input power. The chamber acts as a cavity resonator, resulting in non-uniform spatial distribution of field strengths (standing waves). To mitigate this, one or more tuners (stirrers) are employed. Tuners are constructed with large metallic reflectors that can be repositioned for varied boundary conditions. The Lowest Usable Frequency (LUF) of an EMRC depends on its size and tuner design, with smaller chambers typically having higher LUFs than larger ones.

Raditeq EMC Systems

Reverberation Testing Software - RadiMation®

RadiMation® offers various test types, including a Reverb testing module. When used with RadiSense®, calibrating and measuring uniform fields becomes straightforward. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for efficient and accurate electromagnetic testing. Check out RadiMation® now and download it for free!

Reverberation Testing in your Reverb Chamber

The RadiSense® E-Field probe stands as an exemplary solution perfect for Reverberation testing and E-Field measurements within chamber environments. Crafted with precision, this probe offers unparalleled performance and accuracy, making it an indispensable tool for EMC testing professionals.

Designed to excel in Reverberation testing scenarios, the RadiSense® E-Field probe offers remarkable sensitivity and reliability. Its advanced construction ensures precise detection and measurement of electromagnetic fields within reverberation chambers, enabling thorough analysis and assessment of electromagnetic compatibility characteristics.

RadiSense® Reverberation Set

The RadiSense® and Reverberation Calibration Set of 8 Probes represents a cutting-edge solution tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the ISO11451-5 standard. Designed for precise electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, this suite of probes offers great accuracy and reliability in assessing radiated emissions and immunity within reverberation chambers.

Each probe within the set is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal performance and consistency across a range of frequencies. From E-field probes for localized measurements to electric field probes for Calibration, every component is engineered to deliver precise data in compliance with ISO11451-5 guidelines.

The RadiSense® and Reverberation Calibration Set empowers engineers and researchers with the tools needed to conduct comprehensive EMC evaluations with confidence. Whether assessing the electromagnetic environment of electronic devices or validating the performance of automotive components, this suite offers versatility and accuracy crucial for success in today’s demanding regulatory landscape.