Anisotropic performance of the RadiSense® RSS2040

Anisotropic performance of the RadiSense® RSS2040

Accurate measurements depend on the anisotropic performance of E-Field probes, as non-isotropic behavior leads to significant inaccuracies. Thorough testing and analysis of this property are essential, especially at higher frequencies. Therefore, it is crucial to define this specification across the entire frequency range of each probe. Learn more about anisotropic behavior and its importance here

The RadiSense® probes, developed with over 25 years of expertise, deliver exceptional performance for accurate EMC immunity testing. Unlike isotropic probes with directional sensitivity issues, RadiSense® anisotropic field probes provide consistent and precise field strength readings from any angle of incidence. This makes them ideal for various test environments, including (G)TEM cells, strip lines, anechoic chambers, and reverberation chambers, where accuracy is crucial.

Key features and benefits

  • High Precision & Accuracy
  • Wide-Frequency range
  • Reliability

Why choose RadiSense 40 E-field probes?

At Raditeq, we recognize the critical role of precision in EMC immunity testing. RadiSense® probes are more than just tools; they are essential partners in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your tests. As the sole reference in your EMC test environment, RadiSense® probes guarantee correct test levels, reducing the risk of under-testing. Whether conducting complex research or ensuring regulatory compliance, you can trust RadiSense® for reliable results.

Learn more

We invite you to review the test report featuring typical rotational symmetry measurement data for the RadiSense® 40 field probes across their specified frequency range.

This data demonstrates the RadiSense® probes’ capability to perform accurate field strength measurements with minimal anisotropic error. Discover how our innovative technology can enhance your EMC immunity testing facilities and provide reliable test results.

For more information, please visit our product page or contact our sales team and local or international resellers to discuss how the RadiSense® 40 can meet your specific needs.