Anisotropic performance of the RadiSense® RSS2010I/S

Anisotropic performance of the RadiSense® 10 E-field probes

Anisotropic Performance of the RadiSense | The RadiSense® models RSS2010I (9 kHz to 12 GHz) and RSS2010S (20 MHz to 12 GHz) are currently the most accurate E-field probes in the world. With its exceptional anisotropic response over its entire frequency range, the RadiSense® probes set new standards in the industry by ensuring precise and reliable field probe measurements in diverse applications.

Unmatched low anisotropic behaviour

The RadiSense® probes are engineered with over 25 years of experience to provide a performance that contributes to accurate EMC immunity testing applications. Unlike isotropic field probes that suffer from directional sensitivity issues, the RadiSense® anisotropic field probes excel in delivering consistent and precise field strength readings, regardless of the angle of incidence of the electromagnetic signal. This makes the RadiSense® field probes ideal for a wide range of test environments, including (G)TEM cells, strip lines, anechoic and/or reverberation chambers, where accuracy is paramount.

Key features and benefits

  • High Precision & Accuracy
  • Wide-Frequency range
  • Reliability

Why choose RadiSense 10 E-field probes?

At Raditeq, we understand the importance of precision in EMC immunity testing. The RadiSense® probes are not just tools, but partners in ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your EMC immunity test. The field probe is the only reference in your EMC test environment when it comes to immunity testing. Whether you’re conducting complex research or ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, with the RadiSense® you can have the confidence about applying the correct test levels, preventing risks of ‘under testing’ of your products.

Learn more

We invite you to explore the test report that contains ‘typical’ rotational symmetry measurement data on the RadiSense® 10 field probes over its entire specified frequency.

This performance data clearly demonstrates the ability of the RadiSense® field probes to perform accurate field strength measurements over its entire frequency range, with a minimum anisotropic error. Discover how our innovative technology can enhance your EMC immunity testing facilities and deliver test results you can trust.

For more information, please visit our product page or contact our sales team or our local and international resellers to discuss how the RadiSense® 10I and 10S can meet your specific needs.