GTEM Installation – Datakom


GTEM Installation – Datakom | Datakom was founded in 1988 as an electronics design company. Currently it has 35 years of experience in electronic R&D. Since 1994, it has exclusively manufactured and sold its own design products. Today, Datakom is a top player globally in the generator electronics sector. Datakom is the company having the widest range of products in this industry.

Datakom plans also progressing in the smart grid field including energy quality, monitoring of electrical transmission and distribution network. Moreover, they’re busy with carbon footprint analysis and reporting.

With a team of 19 R&D engineers and a workforce of approximately 80 employees, Datakom manufactures more than 400 original electronic devices. All these devices are of its own design! Furthermore, it manufactures over 300,000 units annually and exports half of them worldwide. Datakom has a separate R&D office in Teknopark İstanbul (Technology Development Area) where R&D projects and tests are performed.

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GTEM Installation – Datakom | Need for EMC testing

the GTEM model GTM0500A

Datakom selected the Raditeq GTEM cell model GTM0500A to perform radiated emission measurements on its products. The GTEM cell has a septum height of 50 cm and has been equipped with several EUT cable connectors. Moreover, it has feedthrough filters, to allow emission measurements being performed on a fully functional EUT (Equipment Under Test).

The EMC emission measurements are performed in the GTEM cell using Raditeq’s RadiMation Pro EMC test software. The software allows customer configurable and automated measurements using the R&S model FPL1007 Spectrum Analyzer. RadiMation Pro software provides the feature to measure the emission in three different EUT orientations (X-Y-Z). Based on these three emissions graphs using a selectable limit line file, the OATS correlation calculation will be performed. Afterwards, PASS/FAIL conclusion will be given if the product meets the emission standard limits.

Picture of the team of Datakom and the newly installed GTEM Cell

In close cooperation with Raditeq’s local partner Yildirim Elektronik the on-site installation of the GTEM cell system was completed. This was done at the premises of Datakom in Istanbul. As part of the installation Datakom engineers were trained on the operation of GTEM cell and RadiMation Pro software.

The concept of the Raditeq GTEM system, is that it can easily be extended to perform radiated immunity. As a result, testing can be performed in the same GTEM Test environment! Offering an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for EMC pre-certification testing!

Quote from Datakom

‘At the beginning of the investment process, we made a deeply market research to be able to reach the best and effective solution to fulfil our needs. During the research phase for its purchase, we contacted Yıldırım Elektronik. Subsequently, Yıldırım Elektronik informed us that they could provide a GTEM cell solution tailored to our needs. The presence of a local company that handles import processes and offers subsequent technical support is a significant advantage.

We were also highly satisfied with the installation and training. Both the Yıldırım Elektronik team and the Raditeq field engineer provided us a highly efficient training process. The use of RadiMation® software is very user-friendly, and Raditeq GTEM cell meets our requirements. Despite being a recent installation, it has already provided us with significant time savings in R&D projects.’

Mrs. Keriman Demiray | Electrical Engineer / Quality Control Manager

Mr. Ender OĞUZ | Electrical Engineer / R&D Engineer