MIMO Measurements – EN 300 328 and EN 301 893

MIMO Measurements in accordance with EN 300 328 & EN 301 893 | White paper

Wireless communication protocols are becoming increasingly more broadband and complex. Featuring multiple inputs and outputs (MIMO), bandwidths of up to 320 MHz and modulation schemes up to 4096 QAM on.

This power meter is designed to address this increasing complexity and variability in wireless LAN systems while maintaining accurate measurements in accordance with the specified standards to 320
MHz bandwidth and modulation schemes up to 4096 QAM. On 4096 carriers simultaneously across 16 streams (WiFi 7). EN 300 328 and EN 301 893 specifies the timing conditions that an RF modulated signal must adhere to. This paper presents a novel and unique RF power meter concept developed by Raditeq: the RadiPower RPR3008W series, power meters which are capable of measuring complex RF signals within a frequency range of 10 MHz to 8 GHz.

This with a power range of -50 to +10 dBm, utilizing an RMS responding detector. The paper demonstrates the power meter’s capability to accurately measure power, regardless of channel bandwidth and crest factor.

MIMO Measurements - EN 300 328 and EN 301 893- RadiPower® 3000W USB Power Meter
RadiPower RPR3008W

EN 300 328 and EN 301 893 standards

Dive into the specifics of radio signals explained by the EN 300 328 and EN 301 893 standards, which focus on signals at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Our cutting-edge power meter stands out by meeting the strict criteria set by both standards, ensuring precise and reliable measurements. Beyond that, it extends its capabilities to handle measurements up to 8 GHz, making it a versatile tool. This broader frequency range positions the power meter as an optimal choice for obtaining detailed measurements at 7.125 GHz, perfectly aligning with the requirements of WiFi 6 and staying ahead of the curve for the evolving WiFi 7 landscape.