RF Power Meters

RF Power Meters by Raditeq – A collection of USB Power meters that measure at varying speeds and frequencies. These power meters connect easily to your setup through the USB connection on the back. The RadiPower® Power Meters offer versatility with the ability to perform pulsed, AM, FM, tracing modes, and peak power measurements. They are designed to work seamlessly in various test environments, ensuring you get the data you need. With the RadiPower® Power Meters, you can easily measure power consumption, voltage, current, and other critical parameters. Additionally, making these devices are perfect for engineers, technicians, and hobbyists who need accurate power measurements. in short, The RadiPower® RF Power Meters is the solution for efficient and reliable power measurements.

Overview of the RadiPower

Looking for a high-precision RF Power Meter for your EMC testing needs? Look no further than the RadiPower® RF Power Meter! With its wide frequency range and exceptional accuracy, the RadiPower® is the perfect solution for all your power measurement needs. From military to automotive applications, the RadiPower® offers reliable and dynamic performance for all typical immunity applications and standards. To view all the different models and specifications of the RadiPower® RF Power Meter, click on the following link and discover why it’s the ideal choice for your EMC testing needs!

RF Power Meter in Faraday

RadiPower® RF Power Meters

The RadiPower® RF power head connects via USB connectors to a USB1004A plug-in card, which supports up to four RadiPower® heads. This configuration allows forward and reflected power measurements from two amplifiers with one instrument. The plug-in card fits into the RadiCentre® EMC measurement system available in 1, 2, or 7 slot versions.

The RadiPower® control head also operates independently, connected directly to a PC via USB cable. The RadiPower® RPR2006 and RPR2018 offer dynamic ranges of > 65 dB and > 55 dB, respectively, suitable for typical immunity applications and standards. Resulting in, two models covering a frequency band from 4 kHz to 18 GHz. Therefore, making the RadiPower® ideal for all EMC measurements, including military, automotive, and EMC immunity tests for CE marking.

The RadiPower® measures with high precision, with accuracy of 0.15 dB (RPR2006C) or 0.2 dB (RPR2018C) over the full band. furthermore, The RadiPower® solution is perfect for EMC power measurements since the USB1004A plug-in card controls up to four heads. In conclusion, making it ideal for both forward and reflected power measurements.