New RadiMation Skins

New RadiMation skins is something the RadiMation® team has been working on for some time! Here already a sneak peak into the new feature into these new RadiMation® skins

RadiMation Dark skin_Probe

Initial RadiMation skin Upgrade

RadiMation® has had a visual upgrade since the Raditeq brand has been released in 2020 November 16th. This was already a huge change from what it used to be. Although the RadiMation® team got a lot of positive feedback on the new color scheme there was still more to gain from the visual improvement.

RadiMation Dark Office skin

Sneak peak and Skin Freedom!

To give the user more freedom in what kind of colors are predominant in RadiMation the Software team invested a lot of time to create multiple new skinning features. Because this is a sneak peak and the function is in the BETA phase we recommend that you bear with us till the RadiMation team has validated the software for the best EMC testing experience.

Blue RadiMation Skinning

New RadiMation skins for days!

Because Raditeq wanted to please as many people as possible more than 22 Skins will be implemented! this means that there should be a skin for everyone in this new release. The new skin will be available under configuration tap with the name ‘skin’ (pretty straight forward!). Under skin you’ll see multiple different types of visual changes and New RadiMation Skins. Note that some will not only change the colors of RadiMation but also the style of the software. What will remain is the position of all the functions, what will result in still intuitive EMC package!

RadiMation Skinning