The First RadiField User

Philips Consumer Lifestyle – The First RadiField User

The First RadiField user – The Electric Field Generator

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Philips Consumer Lifestyle located in Drachten, the Netherlands, develops and produces Health and Lifestyle products. They do this with the aim to improve healthy diets and a health life. Examples of these products are the SensoTouch 3D Shaver, Senseo Coffee machines, the SoniCare dental hygiene products and the AirFryer.

Philips previously owned a compact but fully anechoic chamber (CFAR) and a Radiated Immunity (RI) test system. This system operated up to 1 GHz and also already made use of the automated EMC software RadiMation. To be able to adhere to all the Standards and Directives for consumer electronics, they needed to upgrade their system. Their systems had to be able to perform tests from 80 MHz up to 6 GHz.

Philips’s CFAR was originally equipped with ferrite tiles which generally do not work as absorbers above 1 GHz. To be able to reach up to the 6 GHz an upgrade of their room was undoubtedly necessary. With new absorbers that would made possible! Therefore, their chamber was equipped and upgraded with the ETS-Lindgren™ hybrid absorbers – FerroSorb™.

System Integration

Philips already owned an existing RI system which was at the present time capable to measure up to 1 GHz. This system came in the form of a 19-inch rack with integration of separate equipment from different brand. The 19-inch rack came along with a Signal generator, RF power meter, an amplifier and finally the RadiSense® 4 GHz E-Field Probe.

The only thing which was kept for the new system was the amplifier covering 80 MHz to 1 GHz. Therefore everything else had to be replaced. By using a single RadiCentre® 9-slot multi-functional modular test system with a combination of multiple devices. The integrated equipment consists of a RadiGen® 6 GHz Signal Generator, a RadiSwitch® Coaxial switch cards and the RadiSense® 6 LASER powered E-Field Probe.

RadiField® 6GHz - The First RadiField® User

Electric Field Generation – Radiated Immunity

The RI system above the 1GHz was replaced by the efficient Electric Field generator. Through this replacement Philips became The First RadiField User. The official release in 2014 of the RadiField® by Raditeq (DARE!! Instruments at the time) as the world’s first and only E-Field Generator. This device can create extremely efficient fields from 800 MHz up to 6 GHz. At a 3-meter distance from the EUT the RadiField® can create fields up to 18 V/m. This field level increases the closer you place the RadiField® to the EUT! The RadiField® can create fields up to 54 V/m at 1-m distance! The Electric Field generator simplifies the RI conventional system by combining and integrating, amplifiers, directional couplers, forward- and reflected power meters and antennas in one single unit.

The integration and simplification make the RadiField® not only cost effective in the initial purchase but also more effective and efficient in the power consumption of your RI system lowering the costs all around the board! The RadiField® is controlled and powered by one N-type cable which is connected to the RadiField® power supply in the RadiCentre® making the complete Radiated Immunity test system operated from the RadiCentre®.

Radiated Emission

The Radiated Emission part of the system is completed by the ETS-Lindgren™ 3142A Antenna to perform emission measurements up to 6 GHz. This same antenna is also used for immunity testing from 80 MHz to 1 GHz.

By applying the hybrid absorbers in the anechoic chamber, it has become less spacious and therefore the small and flexible ETS-Lindgren™ was chosen to be able to still be able to move around freely in the chamber.

The First RadiField User

Automated Testing

By combining the Radiated Immunity and Emission in one chamber the RadiMation® automated software can control both tests and control masts and turntables making the complete EMC test system fully automated.

The First RadiField User Still in uses the system!

The RadiField® was delivered in 2015 and is still in operation at Philips consumer Lifestyle at this moment. This makes Philips not only the The First RadiField User be also the longest user of the RadiField® and ideal long time RI solution.