Raditeq – 30th Anniversary

Raditeq – 30th Anniversary; On the 1st of May 1992 A small electronics company was started under the name Dijkstra Advies (advise) Research EMC B.V. or DARE for short. Specializing in custom electronics, training and Advise for the EMC sector. It would not be long before DARE began to make a name for itself.

Expansion of services & Products

DARE quickly expanded their arsenal from custom electronics and advise to EMC measurements and also CE Certification. There arose a the need for performing EMC tests more effectively. After that a need for better and more effective EMC products. This need in EMC products became the origin of most Raditeq’s products. These product were specifically designed for the purpose of EMC measurements and testing. This need also resulted in revolutionary new EMC measurement and test techniques and equipment. Examples such as the first LASER powered E-Field probe and the first electric field generator were born.

The first LASER power Probe; The RadiSense® series was conceptualized, developed and made a reality by Raditeq’s technical director and owner, Patrick Dijkstra. Another remarkable invention from Raditeq was the world’s first Electric Field Generator – The RadiField® series, creating EM Field at and astronomical efficient rate! Other EMC devices and applications are; RadiMation®- automated EMC test software | RadiPower® – Power Meters | RadiGen® – Signal generators | RadiSwitch® – Coaxial switch cards and more!

RadiCentre® Pro

RadiMation® – The Powerful Automated EMC software package!

Out of the need to perform the most accurate, efficient and effective EMC tests DARE needed to have a powerful and also a capable software package. Not able to get this from the current market, the Software engineers from DARE!! started to develop their own software meant for internal use. Only after other EMC labs saw the capabilities for RadiMation® the first commercial sale(s) were possible. Nowadays RadiMation® is one of the biggest EMC test packages available on the market.

16th November 2020 – The beginning of Raditeq

From the 16th of November 2020 DARE!! Products the hardware and software division changed the name to Raditeq. The change came from a need to differentiate between the services and the products of the company.