RadiMation Webinar – Radar Pulse Testing

Raditeq presented the first in the RadiMation Webinar series. Here John de Rooij, Creator of RadiMation® explained how to perform Pulse testing according to different standards. Further more he explained the importance and different methods of calibration needed for the Pulse test.

With these webinars we like to help you better understand what is needed to meet the different standards in the EMC branch. Not only with this specific webinar but also with the future planned events.

If you missed this Webinar do not fret! We have recorded it and you can watch it again in the video below:

The Next Webinar is also planned already! this for the 22nd of June at 10.30 till 11.30. Do you want to joint his new webinar, which is about Magnetic Field Proximity Testing, click the link here and fill in the registration form.

RadiMation Webinar #2 – Magnetic Field Close Proximity Testing – Registration Form

Do you want to know more about RadiMation and her many advantages in performing EMC measurements? Download it for free at www.raditeq.com/download. More information about RadiMation or other products are found the Raditeq.com website.