GTEM Systems

GTEM Bundles by Raditeq

Raditeq is able to create GTEM systems for testing electronic devices’ electromagnetic compatibility. GTEM’s are highly efficient and versatile, providing precise and accurate test signals for conducted emissions and immunity testing. Raditeq’s GTEM Bundles are customizable to meet specific testing requirements and are designed for easy integration into testing environments. Raditeq delivers high-quality, reliable, and efficient GTEM setups for clients in various industries.

Raditeq GTEM System 250mm

GTEM Testing - Bundles

Product NameRangeTest LevelSeptum HeightMax EUT size
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RGT0250A80 MHz - 6 GHz30 V/m250 mm200 x 200 x 150 mm
RGT0500A80 MHz - 6 GHz30 V/m500 mm410 x 410 x 300 mm
RGT1100A80 MHz - 6 GHz18 V/m1100 mm790 x 790 x 550 mm

Raditeq GTEM System Integration

Raditeq is able to create GTEM cell systems that combine many of her products into a single testing solution for EMC testing. These GTEM systems are versatile, and they can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Raditeq’s experienced team of engineers and technicians design, develop, and install custom GTEM bundles that are suitable for different EMC testing applications.

Raditeq’s GTEM Bundles can integrate several products, including RadiAmp® amplifiers, RadiSense® E-Field Probes, RadiCentre® Modular Test Systems and RadiGen® signal generators. This integration ensures that clients receive a complete, customized solution for their EMC testing requirements.

These GTEM systems have several features that make them ideal for EMC testing, including low reflection coefficient, wide frequency range, and high field homogeneity. These features enable the GTEM cell system to provide accurate and reliable test results.

GTEM Testing Related to EMC

Raditeq designs and creates GTEM Systems for EMC testing. GTEM cells are versatile devices for measuring electromagnetic fields. A GTEM cell can operate over a wide frequency range, making it suitable for testing a variety of electronic devices’ immunity to electromagnetic interference.

The GTEM cell has a tapered shape that reduces reflections, ensuring a uniform field inside the cell. Raditeq’s experienced team of engineers and technicians design and develop custom GTEM Systems that meet specific testing requirements. In addition, these GTEM Setups provide precise and accurate test signals, ensuring comprehensive testing of devices’ immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Raditeq’s GTEM Bundles are fully customizable for automated testing, with user-friendly software and advanced monitoring and analysis tools. finally, these systems ensure compliance with international regulatory standards, such as CISPR and IEC.

In summary, Raditeq’s expertise in creating GTEM Systems ensures that clients can rely on high-quality, efficient, and customized systems for EMC testing.

 The Radiated Immunity GTEM Cell bundle consists of:

  • RadiMation® | automated EMC test software
  • RadiCentre® | 7-slot modular test system
  • RadiGen® | 4 kHz – 6 GHz signal generator
  • RadiAmp® | RF power amplifier
  • RadiPower® | EMC power meters 9 kHz – 6 GHz
  • RadiSense® | E-field probe from 9 kHz – 10 GHz
  • RadiSwitch® |coaxial relay card
  • GTEM Cell – 250 – 550 – 1100 mm
  • Including 19-inch rack & Power Distribution
  • All required cabling
Raditeq GTEM System 550 mm