GTEM Bundle

GTEM bundle | 80 MHz – 6 GHz | Septum 550 mm

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GTEM Bundle For Radiated Immunity Testing

The GTEM bundle is an electromagnetic testing system that can operate in the frequency range of 80 MHz to 6 GHz, producing a field strength of 30 V/m with a septum height of 250 mm. It is widely used for testing and evaluating electronic devices, components, and systems, especially for their immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its compact and efficient design makes it a preferred choice for various applications including research and development, quality control, and certification testing in industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, and defense. For more information about the GTEM bundle with higher specifications, please reach out to


Frequency Range: 80 MHz – 6 GHz,

Septum Height: 550 mm

Field Strength: 30 V/m

Standard delivered with
CTR1009B RadiCentre® 7-slot multi-functional EMC test system, USB/LAN
RGN2006B RadiGen® Full band signal generator, 4 kHz to 6 GHz
RSW1021N RadiSwitch® coaxial switch card, 1x SPDT N-type
RSS2010S RadiSense® 10 GHz laser powered field probe
LPS2001B RadiSense® laser power plug-in card
CBL2001-10M 10 meter fiber optic extension cable
CPL2001A Fiber coupling set (FC/ST)
PRB106FV ISO17025 calibration RadiSense RSS2010S
USB1004A RadiPower® USB card
RPR2006C RadiPower® USB power head 9 kHz to 6 GHz
RPR2006C RadiPower USB power head 9 kHz to 6 GHz
RMP3002A RadiMation Pro license (RI/RG)
RMS2001A Support/upgrade contract 2 years (first year FOC)
System engineering, RF cabling, 19 inch rack, LAN switch
BLWA 0860-30D RF amplifier, 80-6000 MHz @ 30 W
BDC 0860-60/200 External directional coupler + factory calibration
RGT0500A GTEM test cell, 500mm septum, 80MHz-6GHz
Pros and Cons
  • Complete Pre-Certification RI test System
  • Included with Automated EMC Test software RadiMation
  • Maximum EUT dimensions : 40 x 40 x 30 cm