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Service level Agreement

Raditeq Offers one (1) year warranty on all its products calculated from the initial delivery date. Raditeq will add two (2) years extra warranty for free if the end-user registers the product on the Raditeq website. This warranty service is applicable only on Raditeq Test- and Measurement products. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is offered to extend the service on Raditeq products. The SLA offers you an efficient and effective cost of ownership to prevent unexpected high service costs. This is also to ensure maximum and optimal availability of Raditeq Products.

The SLA has three, customer selectable, service levels:

  • BASIC; Repair service (components and labor)
  • EXTRA; BASIC + ISO/IEC 17025 re-calibration after repair
  • FULL; EXTRA + loan instrument and annual ISO/IEC 17025 calibration

Advantages of the SLA

  • Customer selectable service fee
  • All-in price for a period of 10 years (transportation excluded)
  • Maximum repair turnaround time (2 weeks)
  • Free loan unit if repair takes more than 2 weeks (full service)
  • ISO/IEC 17025 quality ensured (extra/full service)
Return Material Authorization (RMA)

If you experience problems with our equipment please fill in a form below.

We will confirm your request and supply you with a RMA number.

Products shipped to Raditeq for repair without a RMA number will not be processed until a RMA form has been filled out. This will result in a longer turn around time.

Please be aware that on warranty our warranty conditions apply. Also check the End of Life guide to see which products are still supported or discontinued in our EoL documentation. (EoL found here)

One of the four following options can be selected:

  1. Warranty Claim (warranty conditions found here)
    (Lead time after receiving the instrument: 15 working days for repair + 5 working days for calibration)
  2. Fixed Repair Price
    (Lead time after receiving the instrument: 15 working days for repair)
  3. Fixed Repair Price including Calibration
    (Lead time after receiving the instrument: 15 working days for repair + 5 working days for calibration)
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