DARE!! Products becomes Raditeq

DARE!! Products becomes Raditeq.

Today, more than 28 years after its foundation, DARE !! announces the new name for its product development activities. From 16 November 2020, the DARE!! operating company that manufactures high-end EMC/RF measuring instruments and software, will continue under the name Raditeq B.V. This name emphasizes the mission, objectives and activities of the company and distinguishes it from the service branch, DARE!! Services B.V.

DARE!! B.V. launches its brand Raditeq

Besides calibrations of electronic measuring instruments, DARE!! Services specializes in product and system certification, tests and inspections for CE marking, especially in the field of product safety and EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility). DARE!! Services tests products, machines and vehicles for their immunity to (radio) fields and unwanted emissions. All this remains unchanged.

DARE!! Products B.V., being a separate operating company within the DARE!! holding, engages in research and development, assembly and supply of advanced measuring instruments and software. These products have been sold under the trade name DARE!! Instruments. Using the same name for diverse activities led to confusion and, moreover, the common English word dare has become far from unique as a company name. In result, it could not be exclusively protected as a trademark. With this name change all product related activities will continue under the name Raditeq B.V. The distinction is clear: DARE!! for services and Raditeq for EMC/RF products and systems.

Origin of the name Raditeq

Patrick Dijkstra, Director of Raditeq, explains: “When we adopted the name DARE!! the term was fresh and innovative. Search the internet now and hits seem countless. It is no longer exclusive neither does it reflect what we do. Our meaningful work in the market of EMC measuring instruments and high-frequency electronics called out for a more appropriate name. All our product names start with Radi for radiation. Teq refers to technology, spelled with a q, signifying quality. This does justice to the nature as well as to the innovative technology and quality of our EMC and RF products. Of course, a name change is painful and difficult, but we take this step carefully and well prepared.”

Carefully and in secret

DARE!! already is an established name and Raditeq will be soon, so Dijkstra is convinced: “Over the last year we have been busy depositing brand names, domain names, correcting statutes, designing letterheads and business cards, our internet site, manuals and brochures, redesigned housings of our products, software, the signs for our business premises etc. etc. For the logo and the Raditeq corporate style – with blue and purple tones – we worked together closely with designers and specialists. Everything in secrecy, while legally registering a brand name requires being “open for opposition”. We are proud that this secrecy has nevertheless been successful so we can go public with a “big bang”.

Quality and support maintained

Raditeq continues to fully support all products supplied under the name DARE!! Instruments and offers upgrades to the new Raditeq version.  Compatible operation of plug-in cards is guaranteed. New versions of the RadiMation EMC test software will be provided with a new “Raditeq style” skin, together with a lot of quality improvements and some functional changes. All support- and upgrade contracts will automatically be transferred from DARE!! RadiMation to RadiMation by Raditeq.

About Raditeq

Raditeq B.V. is a Dutch ISO 9001: 2015 certified company founded in 1992 under the name DARE!! and based in Woerden, The Netherlands. Raditeq B.V. focuses on the worldwide market of EMC and RF measuring instruments and software. The company has acquired a firm position in this market and supplies products to many renowned companies and institutions. Raditeq B.V. offers jobs to 35 motivated employees and is part of the DARE!! group, a respected player in the market for testing, certification, research, calibration and products. The DARE!! group in total employs over 70 people. Raditeq’s company slogan: “measure the difference”. For information you can contact Raditeq B.V., at sales@raditeq.com

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