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RadiCentre® - Modular Test System

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I have connected the RadiCentre® and turned the mains switch on but The RadiCentre® still doesn't start.

When the RadiCentre® is correctly connected and the mains switch on the backside of the radiCentre® is turned to the ‘ON’ position simply tap/touch the front touch-screen of the RadiCentre® to start the RadiCentre®.

Where do I get the Firmware update of the RadiCentre®

The firmware update for the RadiCentre® can be found here: www.raditeq.com/softwareupdate

How do I connect the Interlock plug of the RadiCentre®?

The RadiCentre® (Pro) uses a hardware interlock plug (6,3mm ¼” stereo jack) which can be used as a safety interlock. The hardware interlock plug provides two floating contacts which require connection for the system to operate. By default the supplied interlock plug is shorted and must be inserted into the interlock input at the back side of the RadiCentre®. When used with an external interlock system, like a door switch, the wires need to be connected in series with your interlock system and/or emergency stop circuitry. In this case, please cut the RED wire and connect the open ends to your interlock system.

RadiCentre® – FAQ

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