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Can the RadiPower model RPR3006W be used for measuring Wi-Fi signals with a 22MHz bandwidth?

Yes, the RadiPower model RPR3006W is a full compliant measuring device for conductive power measurements on the antenna ports of Wi-Fi devices in accordance to the ETSI 300 328 standard. The RPR3006W uses a dedicated RMS detector and fast sampling speed (up to 5 MS/s) to enable power measurements on WLAN devices with RF bandwidths of 20 MHz (802.11a/b/g), 40 MHz (802.11n), 80 MHz and 160 MHz (802.11ac). 

Is it possible to control the RadiPower model RPR2018C directly from the PC USB port?

Yes, the RadiPower model RPR2018C can be directly connected and controlled from a Windows PC through the USB interface in combination with RadiMation Freeware. All measurement settings are easily configurable in the RadiPower device driver in RadiMation and measurement results are graphically represented on the PC screen, including analog meter display and (time) logging graph. Please be noted that this functionality is available for all other RadiPower models as well.

Can the RadiPower model RPR2006P be used for Peak Envelop Power (PEP) measuring of Automotive Radar Pulse signals as defined in the GMW3097 standard?

The General Motors EMC standard GMW3097 Appendix B describes ‘field calibration for ALSE procedure (RI – 1200 MHz to 1400 MHz at 300 V/m). The methods B1 ‘CW E-field probe method’ and B3 ‘Antenna method’ in this standard describe the usage of a Peak Envelop Power sensor as the reference parameter fir characterization of the generated field strength level. The RadiPower model RPR2006P, which has a power measurement frequency range from 9 kHz to 6 GHz, can be used for fast and accurate peak power measurements in accordance to this standard.

RadiPower® – FAQ

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