RadiPower® 18 GHz Pulse

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RadiPower® Power Meter | 80 MHz up to 18GHz

An adequate power meter is indispensable to perform reproducible and reliable RF power measurements. The RadiPower® Pulse offers a range of RF power meters dedicated for RF/Burst power measurements. The RadiPower® Pulse USB power heads are affordable, accurate and extremely fast. The RPR2018P measures over a frequency range of 80 MHz up to 18 GHz.

  • Detector type                 : Log envelop detector
  • Measuring function      : CW power, Peak power, Envelop tracing
  • Measurement speed     : 20 kSps, 100 kSps, 1 MSps
  • Resolution                      : 0,01 dB
  • Frequency range           : 80MHz up to 18 GHz
Standard delivered including
  • RPR2018P – RF Pulse Power Meter
  • USB cable
  • Protective case

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