RadiMation Reverberation Testing

Reverberation Testing

Introducing RadiMation’s state-of-the-art Reverberation Module, a cutting-edge solution tailored for Reverb and mode stir testing in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) studies and other electromagnetic research applications.

Reverb Chambers

Reverberation chambers, also referred to as reverb chambers or mode-stirred chambers, play a pivotal role in assessing the electromagnetic performance of devices, equipment, and systems. These shielded enclosures are meticulously designed to minimize electromagnetic energy absorption, thereby facilitating the generation of high field strength environments with moderate input power.

At the heart of a Reverberation chamber lies its ability to act as a cavity resonator, generating non-uniform spatial distributions of electromagnetic field strengths, commonly known as standing waves. While this inherent characteristic provides valuable insights into the behavior of electromagnetic fields, it also presents challenges in achieving consistent and accurate testing results across frequencies.

RadiMation Module - Reverberation

To address this challenge, RadiMation’s Reverberation Module integrates advanced tuners, or stirrers, into the testing environment. These tuners are meticulously constructed with large metallic reflectors, strategically positioned to optimize boundary conditions within the chamber. By precisely manipulating the placement of these tuners, RadiMation ensures the creation of a controlled electromagnetic environment conducive to reliable testing outcomes.

Furthermore, it’s essential to recognize the significance of the Lowest Usable Frequency (LUF) in determining the effectiveness of an Electromagnetic Reverberation Chamber (EMRC). The LUF of a chamber is intricately linked to its size and tuner design, with smaller chambers typically exhibiting higher LUFs compared to their larger counterparts.

In essence, RadiMation’s Reverberation Module sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in EMC testing within Reverberation chambers. Experience the unparalleled reliability and accuracy of our solution, empowering you to unlock deeper insights into electromagnetic phenomena with confidence and ease.

RadiSense® Solution - Reverberation

The ISO11451-5 RadiSense® solution, equipped with eight RadiSense® Probes and a RadiCentre® Ultra, offers a highly efficient setup for reverberation chamber testing. This configuration ensures comprehensive electromagnetic field measurements, adhering to ISO standards for automotive EMC testing as well as Mil-Std and aerospace testing. Each RadiSense® Probe delivers precise, real-time data, while the RadiCentre® Ultra consolidates and manages the data seamlessly, enhancing operational efficiency. The system’s robust design supports thorough testing environments, providing reliable, accurate results essential for developing and validating electronic components across automotive, military, and aerospace sectors. This integrated approach maximizes productivity and precision in EMC testing within reverb chambers.