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Mitron inc.No.23 Changting Street, Taijiang District20/F., Shenglong Global Center, Ninghua Street350000 Fuzhou CityChina
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Mitron Inc. is a leading professional microwave & RF products solution supplier.  Mitron offers not only the microwave & RF components, subsystems, but also technical service and total system solutions. With the headquarters in Fuzhou and branches in Hong Kong,  Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi’an, Mitron is the exclusive representative & strategic partner of Mini-Circuits, GMIC, CTT, Harbour, BONN, NEL, MIcable, Presidio, IPP, DARE, ARRA, Barry , SSI and SRI in China.

Mitron has a test lab up to 67GHz, meanwhile it still established a technical support & repairing center for the high power amplifiers with Bonn Elektronik in China. In addition, Mitron & SSI Cable has a joint venture called MIcable to offer the cable assemblies and various wideband adapters and passive components.



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Mitron is a leading professional microwave & RF products solution supplier.  The products that we offer include cable/cable assemblies, adapters, terminations, power splitters/combiners, couplers, hybrids, attenuators, filters, transformers/baluns, isolators/circulators, switches, limiters, phase shifters, equalizers, mixers, frequency multipliers, modulators/demodulators, bias tees, DC blocks, power detectors, amplifiers, oscillators, synthesizers, power meters, and various test equipment like switch/attenuator matrices, phase & amplitude control matrices, butler matrices, signal generators and power amplifier systems. We also offer the technical consulting service and system solutions.

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Mitron Inc. is a leading professional microwave & RF products solution supplier!