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Yildirim Elektronik was founded in 1986, primarily selling spare parts for electronics and test equipments. As years went by and business grew, Yildirim Elektronik gained dealerships and distributorships from various brands in test and soldering equipments all across the world, mainly from Europe brands.

Yildirim also started manufacturing its own education sets for technical schools and universities, custom design workbenches for electronics labs, founded its own R&D group for improving its training sets. These training and education sets are now being sold all across the globe, with more than 8 dealers and reaching to 22 countries.

Later in the beginning of 2000s, Yildirim’s R&D group started undertaking defense industry projects and became subcontractor for major defense industry companies in Turkey.

Yildirim Elektronik now has more than 20 distributorships, a large business network spanning all over Turkey, manufacturing training sets, as well as workbenches for electronics labs. Yildirim’s key target sectors are defense industry, automobile industry, aviation & aerospace industry, consumer electronics manufacturing, R&D engineering, LED/Lighting and renewable energy.


The development of products

Service Yildirim

Yildirim has a wide range of products for electronics manufacturing and testing industries, as well as technical schools and universities.Yildirim has five main departments:

– Test & Measurement department

– Soldering and Electronic Manufacturing department

– Educational equipment department

– R&D department

– After sales department

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