RadiSense® Ultra 18 GHz | Ultra fast measurements

RadiSense® Ultra
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The RadiSense® Ultra – The Probe made for extremely fast Signal Measurements – CW and Pulsed Signal.

As the use of wireless communication technologies continues to grow in the automotive industry, the demand for accurate measurement of pulsed electromagnetic (EM) signals has become increasingly important. To meet this need, a specialized version of RadiSense® has been developed, known as the “RadiSense® Ultra.” This version is specifically designed for measuring pulsed EM signals and is essential for conducting automotive EMC testing and radar pulse measurement. In this article, we will explore the key features and capabilities of the RadiSense® Ultra and its importance in the field of automotive EM signal measurement. We will also examine how this innovative technology can be used to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, and ultimately improve the safety and reliability of modern vehicles.