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How is the RadiField Triple A E-Field generator operated from the RadiCentre?

The RadiField is operated through the power supply and communication plug-in card (model PSU2400A). This plug-in card is installed in the RadiCentre (Pro) modular test system and occupies two slots. The PSU2400A has a mains power supply connector, mains ON/OFF switch and one SMA input for applying the RF carrier signal. The N-type output connector has four (4) different functions. First, it transfers the RF carrier signal to the RadiField Triple A unit. Next to this, it provides the 55VDC voltage supply and arranges bi-directional communication to the RadiField Triple A unit. Finally, it can automatically control the horizontal / vertical polarization of the RadiField Triple A unit when it is used in combination with the RadiTower model RTW2000A with integrated polarizer.

Does the RadiField comply to the maximum harmonics requirements for amplifiers as specified in the IEC610004-3 standard?

The IEC61000-4-3- standard defines that the harmonics generated by the amplifier shall be such that any measured field strength in the UFA at each harmonic frequency shall be at least 6 dB below that of the fundamental frequency.

The RadiField is an integrated system which includes amplifiers and antennae of which the harmonics have been measured. Test reports show that the actual harmonics are at least 15 dB (typical) lower at all frequencies. At harmonic frequencies above 15 GHz the suppression is even more than 30 dB.

Conclusion: The RadiField by far meets the harmonic specification of – 6dBc.


What is the definition for the Three-Meter-Equivalent (TME)?

The RadiField is specified to generate a maximum field strength of 18 V/m at a test distance of 3 meters over a frequency range from 800 MHz up to 4 GHz. From 4 GHz to 6 GHz it can generate 10 V/m. This is defined as the maximum field strength at ‘TME’.

To calculate the maximum field strength level at other test distances, the following formula can be used:

E = 3 * ETME, max / d

Where ETME,max = 18 V/m and d = the new distance in meters

For example: the maximum field at 1 m distance is 3 * 18 / 1 = 54 V/m.

Does the RadiField need a special coaxial RF cable for its operation?

For its operation, the RadiField only needs a single RF coaxial cable. This coaxial cable should be suitable for frequencies up to 6 GHz (for the RadiField RFS2006B) and be capable to handle a DC current of 8 Ampère. The cable should be fitted with N-type (male) connectors on both sides. Typically, an Ecoflex-10 (Ø 10 mm) coaxial cable is suitable for operation of the RadiField. 

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RadiField® – FAQ

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