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Does the excel exporter work for the multiband tests?

The excel exporter does not work for the multiband test because it is impossible to produce a correct table for the information from all the information that is available in a multiband test. A simple dump of data will too complex to extract the information from, we suggest that you use the report generator in combination with the excel report generator editor, to retrieve the specific information that is required.

How can I add drivers of uncontrolled hardware like LISN's?

RadiMation® uses drivers for all devices used during an EMC measurement, even passive components. With passive components this may seem an overkill, as nothing is being changed/controlled with the device. Frequency limitation is the main reason, if RadiMation® does not know the frequency range, it can not warn you that you are making possible mistake. To add a passive component yourself, you go to the device group in the configuration window.

For example, a LISN.

1.Select “Configurable LISN” and press the New button.
2.Name device correctly, and press Ok.
3.Select the device in the configuration window, and press Edit.
4.In the device configuration window press the Advanced button.
5.Change the frequency settings to match the specification of the device, and press Ok.
For all other passive devices there are configurable devices available.

Is RadiMation® using the correct method for the Uniform Field Area calibration?

The latest EN 61000-4-3 standard describes two methods to perform a “field homogeneity verification” (also called ‘Uniform Field Area calculation’) (the constant field method and constant power method). RadiMation® supports the constant field method while this will result in the highest accuracy (With this procedure, the linearity error of the field probe is not influencing the calibration accuracy. While the linearity of a power meter is much better than the linearity of a field probe, this method is, from an accuracy point of view, the better solution). Although RadiMation® does not support both methods, this does not mean RadiMation® can not be used for field homogeneity verification, because according to the standard, both methods should result in the same calibration file.

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